Only let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether I come and see you or am absent, I may hear of you that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the gospel.

The Story

We have so much to be thankful for. 
God has already done abundant things in a year of big transition. He has blessed us in more ways than we could have asked or imagined - praise Him!
We stood together in our convictions as a church and are seeing unity and faithfulness in response to God’s direction to us.
It is our convictions that caused us to take a stand together. And it is those same convictions that find us purchasing our building. 
As we begin an exciting new journey, God is calling us to stand together and put into action the vision He has cast for our church.
If you haven’t already, will you join us?

The Lord has already done far more abundantly than we could have asked or thought.

He was faithful to us as we stepped out in faith to defend the truth of His Word
He has blessed us with the ability to purchase the property, building & house
He united us and led us to become an independent church
He has provided a supportive network of churches through the Great Commission Collective
He has provided amazing new ways for us to continue our ministry amidst a pandemic
He has stirred the hearts of our congregation to give generously -   $300,000 has already been raised, and a further $395,000 committed over 2021 & 2022

The purpose of this campaign is to
maximize ministry opportunities by minimizing our mortgage.

Standing Together In Faith: The Goal

The work of the Kingdom is not dependant on finances. 
Minimizing our mortgage will enable us to… 

The Opportunity

God has already moved in incredible ways and has done so much to bless us - and we are confident He will continue to do so.

Let’s continue to intentionally pray about how He would like to see His church grow: in prayer, in reliance on Him, in outreach, and in sacrificial giving.

We invite you to join us on the exciting journey and to prayerfully consider how the Lord is leading you to participate in what He is doing in the life of our church.
Let's Stand Together in Faith, to glorify God and to make Jesus known.

A Commitment to Give

We/I Pledge to Give

If you would like to learn more about how to make a commitment, or to update your existing commitment, please contact or speak to an Elder.

Recent God Stories to Celebrate

Below you will find a recent "God Story" interview with a member of the Living Hope Church congregation showing how God has worked through the lives of his people.