At Living Hope Alliance Church, we care for people in all areas of their lives.  The Living Hope Centre for Care and Counselling is here to support the growth and healing we all need in order to become mature disciples of Jesus Christ.  The purpose of the LHCCC is to establish and restore hope, honour, and dignity to people by meeting spiritual, physical, and emotional needs within the church and community. 

Equipped to Care

Equipped to Care is a training/study in the skills of caring for one another. It develops a biblical understanding of walking side by side to help one another with the burdens we carry. You will learn to apply biblical wisdom and knowledge to people’s life situations, listen to people’s hearts, and offer care, support, insight, and understanding. It is open to anyone interested in building skills of caring for other people.

Genesis Process

The Genesis Process is a group-based program that helps us grow in God-centred self-awareness and provides practical tools for real and lasting change.  It helps us with three things: 1) to think biblically about our struggles and choices, 2) to understand how our experiences and choices become habits, and 3) to apply biblically-based strategies when we feel pulled into acting our thinking in ways we don't want to.  Whether it's a habit that is hard to break, some anxieties that influence our life, bothersome thoughts we can't shake, patterns of relating that seem hurtful to ourselves or others, or other struggles we feel stuck in, The Genesis Process can help bring freedom and hope.

divorce Care

DivorceCare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t need to go through separation or divorce alone.  Topics discussed include anger, finances, caring for the kids, emotions, and more.  More details on the program are here.

Biblical counseling

Biblical Counselling is one-to-one conversations designed to re-orient our thinking along the truths of the Bible by exploring the habits and experiences that have shaped how we think and act.  It provides tools and strategies to help us have a mindset that keeps us focused on God and becoming more Christ-like.


For any questions about LHCCC contact Brian:
phone: 647-529-7141

Brian Russell


Brian is a pastor, counsellor, and director of the Living Hope Centre for Care and Counselling.  He is Registered Psychotherapist and a Certified Marriage and Family Therapist.  He carefully works with people to help them gain clarity on their life experiences and how those are shaping they choices they make.  

To book an appointment with Brian, you can reach him at