Party With the Pastors

If you are new to Living Hope, this is the first step in our "connecting in" process. During Covid, Party with the Pastors (PWTP) has changed to a personal meeting with one of our Pastors. Even though it's no longer a "Party" this is still a great way to learn about our vision, history and priorities while you meet with one of the key leaders from the church. These meetings are held at the church and all Covid guidelines are followed.

If you are new to Living Hope, we would be happy to spend the time to meet with you and get to know you better!

 Email Pastor Jeff for details about meeting with one of our Pastors.


Our small groups seek to minister to  your specific needs, regardless of where you are in your discipleship journey. Multiple options provide unique opportunities get you actively involved in the heart of the church community:

COMMUNITY GROUPS are a vital part of our church. They are designed to be places of belonging for all people.
These groups will help you to form relational bonds as you fellowship with others around the word and prayer.
These are small communities that will meet together for weekly encouragement, support, and worship.

DISCIPLESHIP GROUPS are gender specific and smaller in size (3-4 people). These are groups in which disciple-makers will take a keen interest in deeply developing the tenets of the 5G Life in those they disciple. In this environment,
 you will be encouraged in and held accountable to the regular practice of communing with God in the word and prayer. You will also learn how to wield the power of the gospel in order to bear the fruit of the Spirit in
all aspects of life. The end goal of these groups is not simply your personal development. When you
are ready, you will be encouraged to go and multiply yourself by finding others to disciple
in the faith, following the example of the relationship that you have just experienced.

To start the process of joining a small group, email Pastor Jeff.

Join A small group

Older Adults

 Join us on Thursday mornings at 10am from home! We are currently meeting on Zoom for a time to connect with each other as we dive into God's Word, share what's on our hearts and pray for each other!

Email Pastor Jeff for the information needed to connect to our Thursday Zoom call.