Marriage Mentoring

Today, people are committed to growing in just about every aspect of their lives. We hire coaches for our businesses.  We take lessons in golf or tennis.  We take cooking classes.  There is even coaching for video gamers!  

But how many people invest the time to improve their marriages?

At Living Hope Church we believe that strong marriages help build a strong church.  Therefore it is a good thing to invest in your marriage, no matter what season you may be in.
Marriage mentoring is an opportunity for any couple, regardless of where you are at, to meet with another couple who is just ahead of you in their stages and growth.   You get to have great conversations that encourage you both.
Mentoring lasts about a year, with you meeting with your mentors about once a month.
  • It is flexible.  You can meet on your schedule, in a place that is easiest for you, and with a frequency that fits.
  • It is adaptable.  You and your mentors decide on the topics that are most relevant for you to focus on.
  • It is private and safe.  This is not counselling or therapy, but the conversations you have with your mentors are between you.
  • It is an investment, making good marriages to be the best they can be.
  • It is not crisis intervention.  If you believe you need help with your marriage, we have counsellors ready to meet with you.

We use the Marriage Mentoring materials from FamilyLife Canada.  Check out their video where couples are sharing the impact of marriage mentoring.

Interested?  Ready to invest in your marriage in a new way?
Contact for more information and to get started.

Here are our Marriage Mentors:
Joanne and Gregg Hinzelman
Elaine and Doug Kelley
Diana and Alain Lamothe
Cindy and Paul Little
Jodi and Craig Trudeau