Growing in Godliness

Jan 3, 2021    Braden Slessor    1 Timothy 4:1-10

1. What stood out to you in this passage?

2. Why do you think godliness is so important to Paul in this passage? How do you think this would have impacted Timothy in the letter’s original context?

3. What are some of your biggest goals/plans for this upcoming year? What do you hope to achieve that has eternal value?

4. When you think about your personal growth in godliness, what steps do you think you could take this year to advance in the 5G Life (God Time, Gather Time, Group Time, Give Time, Go Time)?

5. Trusting God to faithfully supply what we need to grow is a constant Christian struggle. Which disciplines are the most difficult for you to commit to? Spend some time in prayer for one another, that the Living God would be faithful to give you what you need to become more like Jesus.