Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

Dec 13, 2020    Steve Kroeker


1. Matthew’s account of Jesus’ genealogy serves an important purpose. How does it give context to his birth? What things does it emphasize about him?

2. The angel tells Joseph that Jesus will save his people from their sins (v.21). What implications does this have for us? How does this bring us comfort in our difficult world?

3. “Immanuel” highlights the very presence of God with us in Jesus. How does this differ from the Old Testament?

4. Jesus is no longer present with us bodily. Does this mean we no longer experience God with us? How does God’s presence affect us daily?

5. What are some of the things we are tempted to rejoice in during Christmas instead of Christ? How can we help each other with this?

Spend some time rejoicing in the good news of Christmas! Pray together and thank God for his goodness and constant grace.