The Gospel & Leadership

Nov 15, 2020    Steve Kroeker

What does this passage show us about who God is and what he is doing? Take some time to pray and praise God for these things.

Discuss the qualifications for church eldership. How does the Gospel drive all of these things? How does it differ from the kind of leadership we see in the world?

What threats to the church make the work of godly elders so urgent? How are they supposed to respond to these threats? What are some good or bad ways this is done in the church today?

Share an experience from your life in which a godly leader in the church has cared for and led you well in Christ. What were the results in your life?

Spend time praying for the leaders in our church—that God would protect and use them to fulfill their responsibility as undershepherds of Christ. Thank God for his continued faithfulness in supplying godly leaders to every generation of Christians in order to build up and protect his church.