The Gospel & Godliness

Nov 22, 2020    Steve Kroeker


1. What group of people here (older men/older women/younger men/younger women) are you a part of?
Are the unique struggles with sin that Paul mentions applicable to you? Share a bit of your experience
with them.

2. What do you think self-control means? It is mentioned many times in this passage. Why does it seem to
be so important to Paul?

3. How are you helping others to live godly lives? What steps can you take to grow in this?

4. What does this passage tell us about God and the gospel? Spend time and pray, worshiping God for
his goodness and grace.

5. We cannot grow into godly people on our own. It’s ONLY as we look at the beauty of Jesus that the
Spirit changes our AFFECTIONS, which then leads to transformed behaviours. Have you ever tried
reversing this process? How has that worked out?

6. Share some experiences of God working powerfully through the gospel in your life. Now share some
areas that you would like to see him work.

Spend time praying for one another.