The Word of Truth Podcast

We are excited to launch a new ministry: the Word of Truth podcast. For three years we have sought to exalt the word, equip the saints and edify the body through the annual Word of Truth Conference. Now we want to extend that ministry from one weekend a year to year-round through a more flexible and accessible medium, a podcast. We plan on publishing a new episode, 25 minutes long, twice a week. In the busyness of life we may not be able to attend a class, conference or seminar. But hopefully we can find time to listen to a 25 minute podcast while commuting, exercising,  or doing housework.

The podcast is a conversational, roundtable discussion between several of our pastors. Our regular participants will be Pastors Rob, Braden and Steve, but we hope that other pastors and leaders will join us on occasion. The podcast will be built around questions that you send in. Maybe it's a question coming out of Sunday's sermon or something in your Bible reading. Maybe it's a question about theology, culture or apologetics. Send your questions in to and we will discuss them together.

Episodes of the podcast can be listened to on our website, on our mobile app, or by subscribing in iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher.
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