Intentional Discipleship

Oct 11, 2020    Steve Kroeker

1. What stood out to you in this passage?
2. What do you think it means to abide in Jesus?
3. John seems to have both an individual and corporate understanding of “abiding” in this passage. What have you built into your own life to experience these things? What steps would you take to experience them more?
4. A repeated statement of Jesus in the text is that his disciples bear fruit and obey his commandments. How does he explain what this is supposed to look like?
5. How do you measure up to this standard? Where does grace fit into this equation?
6. Why does Jesus mention joy (v.11)? What part does this play in the life of a disciple?
7. Think about the 5G Life (God Time, Gather Time, Group Time, Give Time and Go Time). Which of these aspects are easy for you? Which are hard?