Strategic Church Planting

Oct 25, 2020    Steve Kroeker

-The mission of the church is to make disciples of all nations. What are some other good things that we do that we can unwittingly use as a replacement for this mission?
-How can we keep disciple-making the priority, while still trying to accomplish these good secondary things?
-This kind of work requires a solid foundation of corporate prayer. What steps will you take to help our church build a praying culture?
-Jesus told his disciples to pray for workers in the harvest, immediately following this statement by sending them out to do the work (Luke 10). Looking at your own unique situation, what are some things that God could be calling you to go and do for the kingdom?
-What are some of the things that would be hard for you to let go of to follow God’s call?
-If we are obedient as a church to respond to the Great Commission through strategic church planting, what are some of the joys and sacrifices that we should expect to experience together?