For His Glory

Sep 13, 2020    Steve Kroeker

Today we begin our new series, where we look at re-laying the foundations of who we are as a church family.

1. What stood out to you most from this passage?
2. What is Paul’s purpose in this passage? How should we properly respond to it?
3. Of the many spiritual blessings Paul lists here, which ones stood out and were most meaningful to you personally?
4. Do you think of your salvation as being ultimately about the glory of God? Is that a shift in perspective for you?
5. What habits/practices cultivate a focus on God and what distracts you away from God? How can you stir up more praise and delight in God?
6. We can glorify God with our words and with our lives. Where do you think God is calling you to grow in glorifying him? How can we encourage you in that?